Everyday Moments of Yoga Magic

Yoga can take us a long way on the path of personal development – this may at times feel like striving for something that seems a long way off in the distance. But Yoga is also very clear that the emphasis of our practice is on the journey – setting out with a clear direction, knowing where we would like to go, and then returning our attention back to the present and enjoying the journey – much like sitting on a train and enjoying the scenery that we pass through whilst heading for a chosen destination.

Some of the small achievements that we haven’t even been looking for can make us very happy and I call them ‘everyday moments of yoga magic’. Here’s a small selection of those moments that my students have told me about:

A young student in her twenties was very excited towards the end of her first term of yoga:

‘I share a flat with two others who are very tall. I could never reach the shelf where our mugs for the tea are kept but now I can balance on my tiptoes so well that I can reach it!!!’ 

A student in her seventies was very happy to tell me this:

‘I went to my doctor’s recently to have my blood sugars tested which had been quite high for some time. The results were astoundingly good and my doctor asked me whether I had changed my diet or done anything else to make this happen. I said, ‘No, the only thing that I can think of that I have done differently is that I joined a yoga class 3 months ago. I am so happy.’

And here are some more:

‘Every time I leave my Monday morning class I need to adjust my rear mirror in the car as I seem to have grown taller and lighter each time.’

‘Going to my class on a Wednesday evening seems to make my working week so much more manageable. Before I came to the class Thursdays and Fridays seemed to drag out endlessly and I couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive. Now I feel like ‘Ok, here’s another two days to get stuff done! I have so much more energy.’