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I teach a variety of classes directed at students with very different needs, some of them being 80 years and over, some of them dealing with physical illness and/or mental health issues, some of them beginners making their first steps on the yoga path, and others who have practiced yoga for a long time. The classes acknowledge all these different needs and I adapt the practices to allow each individual to move forward safely and at their own pace.Yoga works on the principle of ‘starting where you are, and then taking appropriate steps towards your goal’.

 You are welcome to join any of my regular weekly classes…

Mondays 10.30am-12pm: Mindful Movement and Relaxation                                                         at Westdene Barn, Dene Vale BN1 5ED

This class is aimed at people who find themselves in difficult life situations and have the wish to put a support into place which will allow them to create more stability, resilience, ability to cope, and bring about sustainable change in a self-directed way. It is based on movement and breathing practices that develop awareness of body, breath and mind and are supported by life skill concepts from the yoga tradition.

102_0128Tuesdays 7.30-8.45pm:  Mixed Ability Yoga Class                                     Kingston Parish Hall, The Street, Kingston (near Lewes), East Sussex

This is a very friendly class of people who already have some experience of
Viniyoga, but anyone can join us at any time. We use asana, pranayama,
sound and short meditative practices. People are of different ages and everyone practices according to their own needs and abilities.

102_0126Wednesdays 11.30-12.45am: Yoga for the over 50s                                             at the Subud Centre, 26a Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2DB

Participants in this class are mostly over 50, some have recently started yoga and some have been practicing forever it seems! We gently work on maintaining health, flexibility, strength and balance using postures, breath work and short meditative practices. Support is offered to manage any particular health issues individuals may have.

Wednesdays 1.15-2.15pm: Mindful Movement  (drop-in)                                                                    at Soulfit Studio; 47 Western Rd, Lewes, East Sussex  BN7 1RL                                                    Please book via Soulfit: 01273 009509

This class approaches yoga as a support for engaging in life and navigating calmly through its challenges on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. It is understood as a committed practice to maintain, or to restore, good health and well-being – developing a clear, focused mind and allowing you to experience peace and contentment in your heart. Postures and breathing practices are accessible to all and individual support is offered to enable each participant to work within their own abilities and towards their own goals.

Wednesdays 7pm-8.30pm:  Mixed Ability Yoga Class                                                                       at the Dharma School, Ladies Mile Road, Brighton BN1 8TB

Apart from practicing postures and breath work, this class enjoys including sound, chanting and short meditative practices. We work towards releasing tension and stress, improving flexibility and building up stamina and in so doing  develop an awareness of our body and our breath and how both are affected by everyday life. We  also look at some of the philosophy that underpins yoga practice and how we can use this to support ourselves amidst the stresses of life. The aim is for you to walk away each evening with a greater sense of harmony within the body and mind, a sense of ease, and lightness in your step!

104_0552Thursdays 9.30am-11am: Mixed Ability Yoga Class                            at  Marle Place, Leylands Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8HZ. Please book via Aspire Sussex: 0345 601 0161; or contact me directly.


Fridays 6.30-7.30pm: Mixed Ability Yoga Class (drop-in)                                                                     at Withdean Leisure Centre, Tongdean Lane, Brighton BN1 5JD                                                 Please book via Withdean Leisure Centre: 01273 542100

If you want to find out more about the classes to work out which one  would suit you best please feel free to contact me to discuss.


New students are always welcome to try out  classes on a drop-in basis first (£10 per class) so that you feel confident that the class is right for you before making a commitment for a term.

Once you are comfortable classes are paid for termly  as I expect students to reciprocate my own commitment in terms of hall hire and class planning. Fees vary as term lengths vary but overall each session costs £7.50.

If you are unsure about joining a class you may  find it helpful to have an individual lesson first to prepare and get a feel for the way we work.


dog_cat_friends‘Our lives are very full – see making time for your yoga practice like making time for a valued friend. Like a good friend, the relationship will nourish and support you.’

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