Amnanda Therapy

Baba Ramdas

What is Amnanda?                                                                     

Amnanda is a traditional Tibetan Ayurvedic treatment originally practiced by monks in monasteries. It was introduced to the West in its current form by Baba Ramdas Swami, a Tibetan monk and Ayurvedic doctor. In my understanding it deeply resonates with the rejuvenating effects of an individualised practice of yoga that aims at personal transformation. Through consistent, mindful body work yoga allows us to gently release accumulated patterns and blocks. Initially this transformation takes place on a physical level and as we progress this becomes integrated into our mental and emotional formations too.

The Amnanda journey takes you through 12 deeply relaxing full-body applications of special oils infused with a variety of herbs.

The oil is the vehicle for regeneration and transformational change and each treatment is an important stepping stone in a process which unfolds and deepens over the course of a year. 

Penetrating deeply into our connective tissues the oil gently removes crystalline structures at the cellular level. These crystalline structures are the accumulated results of our life experiences – often painful and unresolved they are stored in the body and shape our physical as well as our mental and emotional being. Gently removing these residues rejuvenates the body, restores youthful vitality and health and thus opens out more energy and joy in our lives. This clearing process may also reveal and release old patterns which can bring greater clarity about our direction in life.

The cleansing and healing effects of the oil treatments is further supported by drinking two specially formulated herbal teas: Amaiva Green Tea boosts the immune system and Woman/Man Vital Tea helps support the hormonal system. For two months during the journey a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin and connective tissues.

Who can benefit from Amnanda?

We are all affected by the experiences of our everyday lives and Amnanda supports our ability to move through these with greater ease and resilience. There may also be times when we feel the need to reflect on where we find ourselves in life and wish to make changes. Amnanda is a beautiful process to facilitate and support many different life situations:

  • Your quality of life is affected by past physical or emotional experiences and you wish to release, heal and rejuvenate.
  • You are at a crossroads in life, and want to gain clarity and the momentum to make positive changes.
  • You want to support your body through its natural aging process and maintain good health into old age.
  • You simply wish to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, be more relaxed and happy.

How much does Amnanda cost?

Each treatment (75-90 minute appointment) costs £60 including the oils and special teas. Additional tea to support the process in between sessions needs to be purchased additionally.