102_0128We all cherish our weekly yoga class and are aware of the benefits the regular practice brings to us. A daily yoga practice is even more effective so as summer approaches and classes come to a halt  I invite you to take the opportunity to get the best out of yoga for yourself during this time and pick up your 25 Day Summer Practice Challenge! And whilst doing something good for yourself you contribute to changing lives! Similar to a sponsored walk participants collect pledges from compassionate friends and family, and any raised funds will be used to contribute to a yoga project in Sierra Leone where former child soldiers are taught yoga to help cope with their trauma. Knowing that  your daily yoga practice is positively impacting others may give you an extra incentive to keep it up. Sponsor Sheet It’s easy to get busy with other things and before you know it summer has idled past and the practice got forgotten. To help you along here’s a calendar which you can use to mark out the days when you have managed – and another top tip: decide on a regular time for your practice, that makes it so much easier to be consistent! Summer schedule And if it is difficult to keep motivated on your own find a yoga friend and resolve to either practice together or to phone each other up to make sure you are sticking with it! We make choices every moment of our lives – I invite you to make a choice that will make a positive difference to yourself and others. Thank you! Here are a few suggestions for practices that you may want to follow during your challenge. When you click on the images they will open up in a larger format so you can print them out and use them to guide you until you can do them by heart!

Enjoy your daily practice!

Enjoy your daily practice!

25 Day Challenge-Practice Suggestion 3

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