Yoga is an Invitation to Begin a Journey…

…a journey that starts wherever you are and that will lead you, gradually and safely, towards your own personal goal, may this be improved physical health, a clearer, more stable mind, a more peaceful heart or a better understanding of yourself and others around you.

Anyone can start on this journey at any time…
Whether you are young or old, healthy or managing an illness, you can always embark on a yoga journey. You may want to do this in the company of a class, or with the focussed direction of individual tuition.

All you need to bring is a willingness to explore, a little patience with yourself to find ‘your yoga feet’ and for the practice to bring you alive and present in this moment!
At a practical level you will need a non-slip mat, loose comfortable clothing, and possibly a flat cushion and a blanket.

The guiding principle of yoga is ‘ahimsa’…
a Sanskrit word often translated as ‘non-violence’ – hence the yoga journey will always be safe, respect any limitations you may have and take the pace and direction that you travel in from you.


Wherever your journey starts, may your yoga practice give support and direction to your life, fill you with enthusiasm and bring lightness into your heart and into your steps!

For more information on how to begin this journey please download my brochure ‘Yoga Practice for Everyday Living’ by clicking on the picture on the right:

download brochure (PDF)

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